Industry / Commercial Vehicles

Other industries are also offered the benefit of products that are the result of Carcoustics' broad spectrum of knowledge, and experience with different technologies. The majority of our products are developed as individual, customized solutions.

Domestic Appliances

There is constant pressure on manufacturers to produce more energy-efficient, quieter domestic appliances, while at the same time making them smaller and keeping the cost down. Carcoustics works hand-in-hand with manufacturers in their quest for new solutions.

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Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating, air-conditioning and energy technology means maximum efficiency with maximum comfort. Here too, Carcoustics' acoustic and thermodynamic components provide the ideal solution.

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Mechanical Engineering

Resilient damping and insulation products are vital to ensure that workers and their environment are protected from noise and heat. Carcoustics develops and produces customized solutions for a wide range of machinery, appliances and industries.

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Commercial Vehicles

Large vehicles need a large drive train. The noise emission follows suit. At the same time, these vehicles are used much more consistently than private cars. All in all, this results in some of the most interesting challanges for the Carcoustic experts.