With our worldwide network of production facilities and wide-range of production technologies and raw materials, Carcoustics is your global partner for every kind of acoustic and thermodynamic solution.

About Carcoustics

People may not be aware of Carcoustics' products. Yet without these products, passenger cars and commercial vehicles would be so noisy that we would certainly miss these insulating and damping materials.

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The company's success is attributed to the individual contributions made by each and every one of its 2,600 employees, both at the company headquarters in Leverkusen and at its other locations in Europe, America and Asia.

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Management Team

Our management team is responsible for running the whole Carcoustics Group.

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Each and every one of the company's 2,600 employees makes a vital contribution to Carcoustics' success – and to the company's future. They are supported by a corporate culture that is based on a sense of community and a clear set of values.

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Value Proposition

Materials, Technologies, Expertise – Carcoustics combines these three elements to find new ways of supplying its customers with customized products, that meet their precise needs.

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Here you can download the certificates of the particular locations as a PDF file.

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