About Carcoustics

People may not be aware of Carcoustics' products. Yet without these products, passenger cars and commercial vehicles would be so noisy that we would certainly miss these insulating and damping materials.


Passenger cars and commercial vehicles should be as comfortable as possible for the user. At Carcoustics, we aim to develop products that make a major contribution in this respect. We satisfy customers' needs and solve their problems by working with them and using the most sophisticated materials. By combining, forming and reworking materials, we create products that offer the very best combination of price, performance and quality.

Globally expanding company

Carcoustics is a mid-tier company that is expanding its business all over the world. We have adopted a focused, robust business model and provide all our staff with a cooperative, supportive working environment, stimulating tasks and projects with opportunities to develop in an international context. But we are not only good at insulating engines and making loud things quiet.

Our core competency lies in the ability of our experts to use their precise knowledge of different technologies and materials, to find other uses for insulating products. Carcoustics' many customers currently include  major automotive and commercial vehicles manufacturers.


Locations in Europe, America and Asia

The company's success is attributed  to the individual contributions made by each and every one of its 2,600 employees, both at the company headquarters in Leverkusen and at its other locations in Europe, America and Asia.

Carcoustics brings together the concentrated expertise of a central research center, and a manufacturing structure that allows it to be in close proximity to our customers in all the world's major markets. This means we can quickly and efficiently make the benefits of new innovations available worldwide.

For example, we use identical thermo forming machinery in China, Mexico and Germany, so we can manufacture to a single high standard.

  • 1952 The Illbruck Company is founded
  • 2001 Following a change of ownership, Illbruck's automotive division becomes a separate company called Carcoustics as part of a management buyout.
  • 2005 The company opens its first Slovakian factory in Senec.
  • 2008 Carcoustics expands its business activities by applying its core competencies to the industrial and truck sectors.
  • 2009 Opening of the first Carcoustics facility in Querétaro, Mexico.
  • 2012 Opening of the Langfang plant – now Carcoustics has its own manufacturing facility in China.
  • 2013 A second production facility is opened in Slovakia, in Novaky.
  • 2014 Identical molded polyurethane foam production lines in China, Mexico and Slovakia mean this technology can be used all over the world to manufacture products to the same high standard.
  • 2015 Thermoforming is introduced at the Querétaro plant. It is expanded through the introduction of additional machinery capacity and opening of a new location in Rankweil, Austria
  • 2016 Dare Group becomes new investor
  • 2017 Opening of the Wroclaw plant in Polen, and a new plant in Buford, USA
  • 2018 Opening of new plants in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), Novaky (Slovakia) and Shenyang (China).
  • 2019 Opening of a new Location in Shanghai, China