Environmental Responsibility

The manufacturing of products always involves the consumption of natural resources. These feed not only directly into the product itself, but also into its development, marketing and use. Carcoustics is continuously working to make the process chain more efficient in order to improve its energy intensity and the associated CO2 balance. End-of-life management and the recycling of production materials are also taken into account.


The operation of production machinery and IT infrastructure accounts for the majority of energy consumption in industrial companies. Carcoustics not only pays attention to the highest possible energy efficiency when purchasing new equipment, but also strives to continuously increase the use of renewable energies for purchased and self-generated electricity.



Carcoustics considers the reduction of emissions generated during energy production as a central approach to achieving its goal of climate neutrality in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. In addition to this focus on eliminating Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, we are also intensifying our efforts to continuously reduce emissions outside our company from 2021 onwards.


Recycling & Waste

Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes not only means reducing energy consumption, but also reducing the amount of waste produced. For this reason, Carcoustics is constantly working to exploit the potential in terms of material utilization and waste prevention as best as possible. In cooperation with waste management companies, knowledge gained about the recyclability of our products is already being incorporated into the development of future generations. By increasing the proportion of purchased materials that are recycled, we can work toward the goal of a circular economy.