Corporate Social Responsibility bei Carcoustics

One of Carcoustics’ core competences is making vehicles quieter and lighter – which is the very first and really important point in which Carcoustics makes a significant contribution to environmental aspects: by helping to reduce noise and emissions due to the weight of a vehicle.

But furthermore, as an economically successful company, Carcoustics is also aware of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Within the last years, Carcoustics increased its acti­vities regarding CSR – in the fields of its products and services, production and added value, purchasing and supply chain as well as regarding the topics of Compliance and employee responsibility.

Until now, these activities and behavior as well as the existing guidelines were not do­cumented but actively lived at Carcoustics. From now on, Carcoustics also will show and demonstrate its attitude regarding CSR within a yearly updated CSR report which includes the above mentioned topics.



With our Compliance guideline we already have a strong foundation for CSR topics. Furthermore, we already included various aspects in many of our company gui­delines, behavior and activities. (…) So it is time to summarize all existing points as well as our CSR plans for the future.“          
Georg Brasch, CFO of Carcoustics




The whole management board gives its fullest commitment to focus on CSR topics and include these in Carcoustics’ company culture and value.

Find our whole CSR Report 2019 HERE (in English).