Value Proposition

Materials, Technologies, Expertise

Carcoustics combines these three elements to find new ways of supplying its customers with customized products, that meet their precise needs.

Materials: Knowing What to Use

At Carcoustics we don’t limit ourselves to using primary materials that we have produced in-house. We also work with the full spectrum of suitable materials. We have an in-depth understanding of the specific characteristics and capabilities of these materials. We use them individually or in combination depending on the specific application.

This allows us to manufacture successful products from a variety of materials, including foams, nonwoven fabrics, films, adhesives, fibers, foils and metal sheeting.

Technologies: Knowing How They Work

Good materials do not automatically mean good products. The key is knowing how to process them. Carcoustics can draw on a broad spectrum of technologies and experience and put them to good use, either individually or in combination. The six types of technology:

  • Thermoforming
  • Vacuumforming
  • Die Cutting
  • Aluforming
  • PU-Foaming
  • Blow Moulding

The Real Skill: Knowing What Works

Carcoustics has decades of experience in optimizing the performance of end products, such as cars, heat pumps, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and clothes driers. Our strength lies in our ability to exert a targeted and effective influence over the noise (loud/quiet), temperature (hot/cold), size (large/compact), weight (heavy/light), permeability (wet/dry) and rigidity (flexible/rigid) of an end product and produce a result that is markedly better than that of previous solutions.