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On this page, you will find the latest facts and figures on Carcoustics

Technologies: Knowing why it works

A good material does not automatically lead to a good product. The way in which the material is processed is a significant factor. Therefore, we use a broad spectrum of production technologies, individually or in combination to create solutions that inspire our customers.

Six technologies at a glance: 

  1. Thermoforming
  2. Vacuumforming
  3. Die Cutting
  4. Aluforming
  5. PU-Foaming
  6. Blow Moulding

Applications: Knowing what works

Carcoustics optimises the function of end products such as passenger cars and vehicles. The company´s strength is creating an end product that through targeted influences on noise, temperature, size, weight, density and stability presents a clear improvement over the previous solution

Materials: Knowing how it works 

All materials that Carcoustics uses for its products have specific properties and capabilities. Carcoustics knows them in detail, and uses them in a targeted way and often in combination with one another. In this way, successful products from foam, fleece, film, adhesive, fibres, foiland sheet metal are produced.

Daimler Supplier Award

Daimler presents Carcoustics with Top Supplier Award in the category „Passenger Cars & Vans“


Carcoustics, with its headquarters in Leverkusen, is an innovative, medium-sized company on a course of international growth. The company develops and produces solution-oriented acoustic and thermally-effective components for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. Carcoustics also offers the benefit of its expertise in a wide range of technologies to other industrial sectors. Customized solutions are at the heart of its product portfolio. Our customers include all major manufacturers of cars and commercial vehicles.

The annual turnover is more than 360 million Euros and is developing dynamically.


Leverkusen, Germany


  • Germany (Leverkusen, Haldensleben)
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Austria (Klaus Rankweil)
  • Slovakia (Senec, Novaky)
  • USA (Howell, Troy, Buford)
  • Mexico (Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende)
  • China (Langfang, Shenyang, Shanghai)
  • Polen


2,600 worldwide


Expertise, materials and technologies - those are the three areas that mutually stimulate each other at Carcoustics. And often the impetus actually comes from the customers: they present our engineers, technicians and consultants with challenges for which Carcoustics then finds tailor-made solutions. In that way the company continuously discovers innovative ways to make existing products better.


TOP Employer Automotive award DE and AT

Certification for outstanding personal, leadership and communication management. The certification was based on an independent examination by the TOP Employers Institute.

ECOPROFIT environmental certificate

This involved the drawing up of a corporate

Environment Management System


Occupational Safety

OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health- and Safety Assessment Series) Certificate


All our plants are certified to TS 16949: 2009


The TechConsult division of Carcoustics is a successful solution developer for the automotive sector and industry in general

  • TechConsult employs numerous experts in the areas of acoustics, thermodynamics, materials management as well as prototyping.
  • With far in excess of 100 man years of experience in vehicle acoustics/NVH and system development, TechConsult is a well-respected development partner of leading OEMs.
  • With over 1500 materials in its portfolio, TechConsult has comprehensive material expertise and knowledge of the specific requirements of its customers.
  • The latest acoustic and multiphysics measuring technology, acoustics laboratories,component test equipment, an acoustic roller test bench, thermodynamic testing facilities as well as various simulation facilities enable fast development of effective and innovative product solutions.
  • Thanks to the facilities in our own prototyping department, functional prototype components can be produced in a short space of time and then tested in our own laboratories or directly at the customer's.
  • The product development work goes hand in hand with an analysis of the requirements for mass production, with the end result that the customer can be offered a functional product solution that can be manufactured in the required quantities.

Last Update: May 2020