Automotive Solutions

Our close ties to the automotive industry mean that Carcoustics has a global presence, just like our customers. With 2,600 employees at production facilities in Europe, NAFTA and Asia, we are always close to our customers and expanding our business around the globe, particularly in Europe, the Americas and China. We do not limit ourselves to working with primary materials that we have manufactured ourselves. We take a flexible approach to technologies in order to find the perfect solution for our customers' needs. Carcoustics is in a position to develop and produce tailor-made solutions for both the demanding premium segment and the more price-sensitive volume markets.

Examples of Application

Carcoustics provides innovative product solutions in many areas of a car. We benefit from the megatrends light weight, electrification, autonomous driving and enivornmental friendliness. They increase the demand for our composite solutions - whether it is an isolation of an electric drive, a battery or a safety device.

But our expertise is also applied to acoustic components in the interior.  

For a healthier environment and resource-conserving material consumption

Encapsulation of the drive not only reduces the noise emission of the engine, but also improves the energy balance of the entire vehicle. Carcoustics has developed extensive know-how and numerous products in this area to the point of series production. The competencies of our production processes and technologies can be perfectly combined. This further reduces development times for our customers. We work closely with leading vehicle manufacturers on the development of electrically powered vehicles.

Carcoustics is working on further expanding its scope per vehicle, especially in the areas of alternative drives. Current trends towards lightweight, electrification and autonomy are leading to a growing demand for solutions based on plastic and composite materials. Carcoustics is a competent partner with broad material expertise in this field.

Decades of Experience

Carcoustics are the experts in the design and manufacture of damping and insulating components. Our developers have easy access to in a central data base stored information on the characteristics of acoustically effective materials, and how they can be combined. This makes it much easier to draw initial conclusions and make fast decisions about materials, so that we can reduce development time even  further.