Commercial Vehicles

Large vehicles need a large drive train. The noise emission follows suit. At the same time, these vehicles are used much more consistently than private cars. All in all, this results in some of the most interesting challanges for the Carcoustic experts.


Modern trucks have to meet the highest standards for noise emissions and energy efficiency. Carcoustics makes a key contribution in these areas by producing acoustic and thermodynamic components for all major manufacturers.

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It's all about passenger comfort. Many of the world's bus manufacturers turn to Carcoustics to help them provide passengers with comfortable levels of noise, and the right temperature on-board their vehicles – our components are specifically designed to reduce vibration, noise and heat.

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Agricultural Machinery

Modern agriculture requires safe, high-performance machinery – and this includes vehicle insulation. Carcoustics develops and manufactures heavy-duty, dirt-resistant solutions for this particular market.

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