Agricultural Machinery

Modern agriculture requires safe, high-performance machinery – and this includes vehicle insulation. Carcoustics develops and manufactures heavy-duty, dirt-resistant solutions for this particular market.

Efficient Insulation

Their size and powerful engines mean that agricultural machinery have a particular requirement for effective insulation against engine and transmission noise. It is vital to ensure that the user can operate the machinery for long periods without suffering from fatigue or damaging their health.

The agricultural industry places huge demands on components and materials. The large engines produce high levels of noise and heat, particularly when operated at full power for long periods.  Then there is the huge amount of dust that is often present in the fields. This combination of heat and dust requires innovative solutions to ensure that the machinery continues to operate reliably and safely.

Wide range of accoustic and thermodynamic components

Carcoustics supplies a wide range of acoustic and thermodynamic components for agricultural and construction machinery to act as seals or protect against fire.

Quick and Cost-Effective Solutions

With its extensive experience in acoustics and thermodynamics and expertise with materials gained in the demanding automotive sector, Carcoustics is perfectly placed to design and manufacture components for agricultural machinery. Thanks to our tried and tested processes, we can quickly and cost-effectively respond to our customers' needs – from developing new components to the speedy supply of standard parts.

Some examples of components for agricultural machinery:

  • Molded polyurethane foam components for sealing the hoods and air-conditioning systems 
  • Acoustically effective hood insulation  
  • Acoustic and/or thermal encapsulation of the exhaust system
  • Anti-drumming and heavy layers
  • Functional stamped parts
  • Flexible airflow systems