It's all about passenger comfort. Many of the world's bus manufacturers turn to Carcoustics to help them provide passengers with comfortable levels of noise, and the right temperature on-board their vehicles – our components are specifically designed to reduce vibration, noise and heat.

Effective acoustic and thermal solutions

For bus manufacturers, it is vital to ensure their vehicles are quiet, comfortable and maintain a pleasant temperature. Intense competition means they are always under pressure to keep costs down. Effective acoustic and thermal solutions strike just the right balance between these two requirements.

Interface between Passengers and Vehicle

Due to the large number of people on board and large areas of paneling, particular attention is needed for passenger comfort.The large areas of metal paneling all present special challenges to acoustic and thermal effectiveness and also to the components' performance in the event of fire. It is at this important interface between passengers and vehicle that Carcoustics' expertise pays dividends. The result is customized solutions that offer the very best in passenger comfort, weight reduction and space utilization.