Modern trucks have to meet the highest standards for noise emissions and energy efficiency. Carcoustics makes a key contribution in these areas by producing acoustic and thermodynamic components for all major manufacturers.

Noise-Reduction affects road safety

Modern trucks are more than just a means of transport. They are also a workplace, and their ergonomic design can have a direct impact on road safety. Drivers have to stay alert during long hours at the wheel, so it is important that their trucks are fitted with the right noise-reduction components.

Our components in the engine compartment and beneath the drive train are designed to ensure that the vehicle complies with today's strict regulations on noise emissions and additionally provide first-class thermal insulation.

Decades of Experience

Carcoustics has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of acoustic and thermodynamic components for motor vehicles. Carcoustics works closely with leading commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Daimler, Scania and MAN. We are not tied to particular materials, so we have the flexibility to seek new solutions that save money and optimize weight and performance; we manufacture them in our worldwide locations.