Protective Solutions

Carcoustics' greatest strengths include innovative spirit and flexibility.

As a manufacturer of customer-oriented individual solutions, we are used to reacting quickly and flexibly to special requirements.


The Corona crisis also presents the world with very special requirements - and Carcoustics is responding.


Carcoustics Mouth Nose Mask

As a company, our top priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees. For this reason, we have developed our own Carcoustics masks, initially for our own use at our locations. Within a few weeks, our innovative development teams have developed the so-called "community masks" or "quick mouth and nose masks" to production readiness. From Austria, all of the company's locations can be supplied with masks.

Due to our own mask production we are independent of external mask suppliers.

On the other hand, we can produce more masks than we need for our own needs.

We are pleased that we can also offer the masks to customers, suppliers and other external partners for purchase. If you are also interested in our masks, please contact our sales department at

Carcoustics Pandemic Partition Walls

Droplet infections are a major transmission pathway in the spread of coronavirus. Therefore we have developed a practical solution: In two different designs, our pandemic partitions protect against the spread of droplets, for example between office workplaces. The partition walls are available in discreet acrylic glass as well as in acoustically highly effective material and thus offer individual design options as well as additional added value, for example through acoustic optimisation.

Carcoustics Pandemic Partition Wall Transparent

Carcoustics Pandemic Partition Wall Acoustically effective

Cooperation with Pfanner Schutzkleidung for the production of protection visors

In the fight against the corona virus, Carcoustics has joined forces with Pfanner Schutzkleidung to provide support in the production of protective visors: The "NanoShield® 4X4" from Pfanner is a transparent visor that can be mounted on shield caps and similar headgear by means of snap fasteners. It is used to protect droplet infections in direct human contact - for example in retail. Pfanner, an experienced manufacturer of protective clothing, has set up its own production line in the Carcoustics plant in Klaus, Austria. Around 50 Carcoustics employees work here on the production and assembly of visors made of PET film.
Carcoustics is pleased to be part of this innovative product.