Blow Moulding

When acoustic or thermal components require a particular geometric structure, such as for stiffening or for use in sound-attenuating resonators, blow-molded polypropylene is often the best solution. The material is waterproof, durable and recyclable, and can also be produced in a flame-resistant form. Components can also be provided with additional aluminum heat shielding if there is a need for protection against higher temperatures.

Carcoustics has been using Blow Moulding at its production facility in Leverkusen since 1998. Our many years of experience with this technology make this particular facility a real center of excellence, especially when it comes to acoustic encapsulation technology.
Carcoustics' particular expertise in this field is also demonstrated in our patented sound absorber, which has a bottom part and structural element whose hollow walls and cavity resonators influence the acoustic properties of the component.
Simulation software is used for the geometric layout and design of the acoustic resonators.


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