Carcoustics' future growth opportunities depend largely on the degree to which each individual can contribute their strenghts and further develop on an individual basis.

Over the next several years, the company's corporate strategy and international growth will open up new opportunities, incorporate some talented minds, and qualify for exciting new tasks. As a medium sized company, we can react flexibly to market development and carry out our tasks with a comprehensive approach - we want to further develop this strenght with you in the years to come.


The Carcoustics WAYS Talent-Management-Program gives you the opportunity to follow your own path at Carcoustics - not only upwards, but also in any other direction. And particularly, towards your personal goals. That's not limited to young talents. Regardless of where you are in your career, anyone can take avantage of development potential. The Talent-Management-Program is a personal, comprehensive form of support for all employees who are looking to further develop in their careers. In order to accommodate you and your needs, WAYS offers more than just the traditional career paths.


The three career paths of the specialist, management, and project-management careers are treated with the same level of value and respect and it's possible and wanted to switch between the categories. The flexible career model can therefore be adapted to a change in your requirements or new company responsibilities at any time.

For instance, Carcoustics offers other development opportunities to employees who are not interested in assuming leadership responsibilities. That's because others are more interested in exciting projects, additional specialist responsibilities, or exceptional qualifications and specialzations.

Specialist Career Project Management Career Management Career
Key positions with a specialist focus play an extremely important role at Carcoustics. We give you the freedom you need to grow and work independently, so that you as an employee have the opportunity to develop in this area.
You also need to be able to update your specialist areas of expertise on a regular basis and maintain a network with other experts in your field.
The Carcoustics WAYS Talent-Management-Program creates the perfect conditions to do just that.
Demanding customer projects and internal structure and innovation projects make project management all the more important. This requires employees with exceptional management skills who can quickly acquaint themselves with complex, extensive, and - for Carcoustics - unfamiliar areas, who feel comfortable in international environment and who can apply the various project management methods in a qualified manner.

It goes without saying that traditional careers with increasing management responsibility for Teams and larger units will also continue to play an important role at Carcoustics in the future. Depending on the specialist field, this path is usually combined with project and specialist tasks in order to train managers with a focus on both specialist projects and management.

- Development from beginner to acknowledged expert
- Expansion into additional career segments and activities
- Integration into strategic events/information

- Gaining experience abroad in international project assignments
- Increasing the degree of complexity and risk
- Increasing responsibility by managing project Teams (regional and international)

- Expansion of personnel-related responsibilities across a variety of leadership level
- Development of the employees to be managed
- Expansion of management responsibilities from regional to international teams

Thomas Lammert

Teamleader Process & Tooling Development

"The size of Carcoustics as a company is ideal for me, as it offers a sucess-oriented yet very friendly working enviroment as well as extremely varied, exciting tasks that - thanks to special projects - also go beyond my everyday responsibilities. Over the past two years, the company really helped me to advance my career. An extensive training programm was developed specifically for me, which included personal training with focus on management."

Peter Krause

Business Unit and Technology Manager

"The challenging main tasks and interesting projects have always provided variety and growing challenges with which I have continuously developed myself. Every task opens up new perspectives. Through the large, very visible projects I was able to earn the trust of the management. This is something special for me, it allows me to work independently."

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Natalie Pischel

People & Development Managerin

002171 900880

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