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As a technology-oriented company, Carcoustics thrives on the collective competencies and skills of its employees. The growth opportunities that Carcoustics will be able to exploit in the future depend to a large extent on how each individual can contribute and develop.

The economic environment is more dynamic than ever. Apart from the working world, Carcoustics is also in a constant state of change. We use this change to focus on the following goals in personnel development:

  • A corporate culture focused on people
  • Modern and future-oriented career development
  • Personnel development that is geared to the individual needs of employees
  • Effective and sustainable qualification and competence management
  • Employees who are able to "empower" themselves - in other words, to expand their knowledge and skills and to develop themselves continuously and independently.


The Carcoustics training program "You@carcoustics" gives you the opportunity to develop yourself, regardless of your age, position or professional experience. You@carcoustics offers you practical and sustainable training opportunities that are tailored to your individual needs. No matter in which direction you want to develop at Carcoustics, You@carcoustics can support you on your way and help you to develop yourself.


In order to support your professional development from your first day, it is important to us to offer a comprehensive and transparent training program. That's why you'll find the You@carcoustics section on the company intranet, which contains all the important information about the wide range of training opportunities (e-learning, classroom training, mentoring, learning weeks ...). We are constantly working on providing you with comprehensive and varied learning opportunities. Furthermore, your manager supports you in planning and shaping your career path. In an annual appraisal interview, your individual development goals are aligned and defined with your individual needs. Our modern personnel management system offers further support, simplifies the process and makes it transparent for you.

Development Areas at a Glance

Our You@carcoustics development concept focuses on your personal development. In order to support you depending on your life situation, the training program is currently divided into these four areas:


Young Talents

In this section of our internal company portal, all (dual) students, trainees or other young talents will find important information about the company and training opportunities, tips for successful training and special learning content for Young Talents.


What advantaged does this offer you as a Young Talent?

  • You can prove your commitment and motivation from day one.
  • You'll build a knowledge base that will help you stand out and create a solid foundation for a successful career.
  • You get to know the company, the culture and the processes.

New Colleagues

In a dedicated area for new colleagues, they can find important information about the company, work processes, rules of conduct and tools.



What advantage does this offer you as a newcomer to Carcoustics?

  • You can act faster and save valuable time.
  • You get to know the corporate culture and can better understand processes and decisions.
  • You can build a network quickly and easily.

Qualification & Training

In this section, all employees interested in further development will find a wide range of training measures, best-practice approaches and information on feedback and development processes in the company.


What advantages does this offer you as an employee?

  • You can make independent and competent decisions.
  • You can demonstrate your commitment from day one.
  • You develop professionally and personally and remain adaptable.

Power of Leadership

Here, all (future) managers will find information on management processes, approaches, important compliance regulations as well as special learning content from the area of Management & Leadership.


What advantages does this offer you as a ( future) manager?

  • You will learn how to build a trusting relationship with your team, which is essential for success.
  • You learn how to support, encourage and challenge your team members in their work and development.
  • You keep an eye on your own development and constantly improve yourself.

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