The world faces the challenge of meeting its resource needs in a sustainable way to enable future generations to live on a healthy planet.

Companies also have a responsibility for their use of natural resources and the sustainable development of their business activities.

At Carcoustics, we face up to this challenge and are constantly working to make our contribution to a sustainable society.


With innovative lightweight products for the automotive industry, we ensure a reduction in sound and greenhouse gas emissions during the use phase of vehicles. Our development and production processes also take into account a wide range of factors from the three areas of economic, environmental and social sustainability. For example, we are continuously working on increasing the share of renewable energies in our demand, the exclusive sourcing of materials used from responsible and local suppliers, and an attractive and fair working environment for our employees.

Sustainability Report 2022

Since 2019, we have published a now annual sustainability report on our progress in this area. In addition to disclosing important key performance indicators, it presents our strategies, projects and responsible persons in the area of sustainability in more detail.

You can view or download the full document (in English) HERE.


Carcoustics makes innovative components for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries at its 14 production sites worldwide. In order to minimize the negative impact of manufacturing processes on the environment and society, a network of responsible suppliers is required in addition to efficient process structures and long-term sustainability strategies.

The manufacturing of products always involves the consumption of natural resources. These feed not only directly into the product itself, but also into its development, marketing and use. Carcoustics is continuously working to make the process chain more efficient in order to improve its energy intensity and the associated CO2 balance. End-of-life management and the recycling of production materials are also taken into account.

Our employees are our greatest asset. In addition to protecting their safety and health at the workplace, we promote their individual development through various programs. In addition, we regularly support social projects or institutions around our locations.