Each and every one of the company's 2,600 employees makes a vital contribution to Carcoustics' success – and to the company's future. They are supported  by a corporate culture that is based on a sense of community and a clear set of values.

1. Enthusiastic

Carcoustics employees demonstrate that they identify with the company and its goals through using their own initiative and working in a committed fashion.

2. Responsible

Of course the Carcoustics Group wants to be successful and profitable. But we understand the importance of a work-life balance and believe employees have a right to their private lives when they are not at work. We would rather lose business than do anything that runs counter to our basic values and existing guidelines.

3. Unconventional, Solution-oriented, Value-Enhancing

Carcoustics never stands still – we are always looking for new possibilities and thinking outside the box. We keep a close eye on the latest technology and assess its potential and risks for our business.

4. Respectful

At Carcoustics we believe in open and transparent communication at all levels. This includes being happy to give and receive feedback, as well as genuinely valuing diversity rather than just respecting it. Ethnic origin, religion, age and gender are simply not an issue.

5. Cooperative

Teamwork is at the heart of our success. At Carcoustics young, dynamic people work hand-in-hand with experienced colleagues – as "young guns and olds hands".

6. Flexible and Mobile

Our staff work together effectively in an atmosphere of cooperation that goes beyond departments, locations and national borders.

7. Willing to Learn

Carcoustics' employees are always eager to develop and improve – not just products and processes, but themselves too. Lifelong learning – both professional and personal – goes without saying. At Carcoustics, we are always ready to tackle something new.