Each and every one of our employees makes a vital contribution to Carcoustics' success – and to the company's future.

They are supported  by an open culture that is based on a sense of community and a clear set of values.


means working at Carcoustics is being part of it and always giving your best.

Trust & Responsibility

is our central approach. Managers and employees act like entrepreneurs and are always keeping Carcoustics‘ success in focus!

Lifelong Learning

is the key to success - for employees as well as for the company. We are looking to the future with an open view for the world.

Open Culture

is defined by being open for ideas, feedback and honest communication as well as new ways of thinking.


is more than a new product solution. It includes pragmatic and unconventional, solution-oriented working and thinking outside the box.


not only lies in thinking but also in cooperation beyond borders, mobile work, modern working atmosphere and offering various opportunities for a satisfying work-life balance.