Thermal and fluid dynamics (thermodynamics) in vehicles form a core competence of Carcoustics.

We have extensive know-how as well as a wide range of thermal test and inspection equipment and a thermodynamics laboratory.

Energy Efficiency

Thermodynamics is involved in many areas. It can be used to improve the energy efficiency of products, protect components from overheating via the use of heat shields and improve heat insulation. Through the intelligent use of heat transfer management and fluid mechanics, Carcoustics can develop and design components with very specific behavioral characteristics when used in real-life applications.

The latest technology for the best results

Carcoustics' experts have access to a wide range of thermal testing and measuring equipment as well as a thermodynamics laboratory equipped with the very latest in multiphysical measuring technology. Heat testing equipment, infrared thermal imaging cameras, venturis and a range of sensors to measure temperature, pressure and moisture provide fast and accurate data that can be used for simulations and the development of innovative solutions.

Acoustics and thermodynamics working hand-in-hand

Many acoustic components also fulfill thermodynamic functions. Often enough, the two are in conflict with each other - the task is to find the right balance. To make development as efficient as possible, the experts for thermodynamics and acoustics at Carcoustics work in parallel in close coordination with each other. In this way, synergies can be created and utilized. Frequently enough, customers who have only acoustic or thermodynamic requirements in their specifications receive an additional function from the other area.