Die Cutting

Carcoustics can call upon a tremendous range of materials and potential material combinations to develop product solutions using stamped parts. Several hundred different materials specially adapted for use in this process can be used to create thousands of different products and components.

It can take just a few days or weeks to move from the initial inquiry to identifying the problem, developing prototypes and on to series production. Our specially developed processes are set up in such a way that we can resolve our customers' problems with the utmost speed.

Every day counts if problems arise just before the start of series production. On these particular occasions, products such as foam flake bags can be a cost-effective solution for filling hollow spaces.

Tailor-made, cost-effective Solutions

With our huge product range, high levels of in-house production and proven expertise in providing product advice, Carcoustics is ideally situated to provide tailor-made, cost-effective solutions to every problem. We also guarantee that all our production facilities work to the same quality standards.

Optimized Product Solutions

In order to be able to provide a wide range of product solutions, Carcoustics uses special processes such as welding, bag filling and contour cutting in addition to traditional stamping technology. Our expertise in material selection and processing, along with our many years of experience with this particular technology, are key to our ability to find cost-optimized product solutions during the design and development phases.


Acoustics pad
Insulation compressor
Insulation pump
Sound Insulation vacuum cleaner
Battery Insulation
Bumper foam
Damping loud speaker
Economic sealing
Door protection pad
Kiss-cutted sqeak & rattle pad
Foam Bag
Dash patch
Sealing door wiring harness
Sealing HVAC
Insulation side panel
Insulation wheelhouse
Insulator rear skirt