Carcoustics' aluminum components, such as thermal heat shields, acoustically effective parts, airflow components and structural parts, are used in large quantities in vehicle manufacturing.

Our many years of manufacturing experience and innovative approach means we can find customized solutions for our customers' needs.

Broad-based materials know-how

Heat shielding includes the use of 100% aluminum components and sandwich-type structures, made by combining glass, ceramic, PE or nonwovens, which have both thermal and acoustical properties. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of materials, shielding technology, acoustics and heat management systems, Carcoustics' engineers can work hand-in-hand with customers to develop specific integrated solutions during the engineering phase of a project.  

This means that components and production processes can be designed in a cost-effective way right from the beginning.

Efficient and Cost-effective Production Processes

Carcoustics can make a real difference during the development phase of a project thanks to our manufacturing base with plants in Slovakia, Mexico and China, and our extensive  experience in international project management and engineering. We can react to our customers' very specific needs using our fleet of forming machines which range from 50 tons to 250 tons.


Heat shield close to engine
Heat shield engine/gear box
Heat shield unterbody
Heat Protection Turbo Charger
Heat shield engine bay
Heat shield fuel tank
Heatschild engine bay
Multilayer acoustic heat shield