Virtually all thermoplastics and thermosets can be formed into the required shape using this technology. We are not limited to using materials we have manufactured ourselves.

So we can select from all available materials to find the ideal solution to our customers' needs. This way, we provide tailor-made solutions that are also cost-effective.

Thermoforming makes it possible to combine different materials and manufacture products and components using only one production cycle. This makes the process ideal for manufacturing acoustic and/or thermal components for paneling, or similar – of course to the customer's exact specifications. By combining different materials, we can incorporate other functions in addition to acoustic and thermal insulation, such as structural load-bearing capacity, robustness and different appearances for the surface of the component.

Tailor-made, cost-effective solutions

Carcoustics develops products by working closely with the customer.
By bringing together all our knowledge and expertise in our development center, we are able to produce prototypes quickly and ensure they are ready for series production.
The use of innovative tooling concepts ensures that individual products can be manufactured in  a cost-effective basis, even for small or medium-sized production runs.

Consistent Quality – Worldwide

When a new product is being developed, consideration is always given to the plant engineering technology that will be utilized during production. The fact that Carcoustics uses the same technology on three continents means that these considerations are not location-dependent. All products and manufacturing processes for all locations are first put into operation at our TechCenter in Klaus, Austria. This ensures that our quality standards are consistent worldwide and allows us to make best use of the knowledge we acquire in the process.


Power unit absorber
Gear-box Absorber
Oilpan Absorber
Tunnel Insulation outer
Wiper Modul Absorber
Belt Cover Absorber
Battery Flip Cover
Tunnel Absorber
Wheelhouse Inner Absorber