Speed and efficiency are vital when developing vacuum-formed components for series production. With our expertise in materials selection and processing and the fact that we are not tied to any particular materials, Carcoustics can react very quickly to our customers' needs and select the ideal material for a particular application to provide tailor-made, cost-effective solutions.

Pioneer in highly automated production

In addition to traditional single-layer components, Carcoustics' range of vacuum-formed products also includes hollow parts and component assemblies.   Welding and adhesive-application processes are also used in addition to traditional vacuum forming. Carcoustics is also a pioneer in the area of twin sheet processing.  

Using this special process in a highly automated production facility makes it possible to manufacture extremely light and flexible ventilation channels with excellent thermal insulation, which has the added benefit of also improving sound levels in the passenger compartment. It's hard to imagine how you could incorporate more comfort-giving properties into one single product!

Short cycle time and high dimensional accuracy

With all these products, customers benefit from the fact that Carcoustics can use all its expertise in materials selection and processing to develop creative and unconventional solutions. The fact that we also employ tried-and-tested processes and use specifically tailored process and mold designs means that we can achieve short cycle times while maintaining high levels of dimensional accuracy. The result is tailor-made, cost-effective products with a very short time to market.

Our products

  • Door insulation
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Cold air partitioning
  • Plug-ins/plugs
  • Subfloor damping
  • Condensate collectors/water discharge systems
  • Thermal insulation
  • Engine damping 

Our Twin Sheet Technology


Vacuum insulation pump
Acoustic damping
Door Plug
Cold cover interior
Door Water Shield exterior
Underfloor absorber dryer
Air duct interior