The requirements and ideas of our customers are the focus of our business model:

We will not simply sell a part, but a solution. Our product range is therefore divided into vehicle application areas:

New Energy Vehicles

Due to the omission of classical combustion engines, e.g. electric vehicles, different noise sources become much more present and thereby the need for acoustical insulation in these areas increases. Additionally, electric drive units generate new sets of electromagnetic fields in a vehicle.

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Powertrain Solutions

Our Customer Product Segment Powertrain Solutions provides products and optimization for the whole engine bay area. Its focus is on acoustical and thermal solutions for the engine compartments of all drive concepts.

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Exterior Solutions

A passenger car‘s equipment in the exterior area is essential for protecting the car from outer influences coming from the road, the thermal management and acoustical insulation of the whole vehicle as well as to optimize its safety management.

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Interior Solutions

The Customer Product Segment Interior Solutions focuses on optimizing the customer‘s interior equipment especially regarding acoustical and thermal requirements. They are thereby improving the passenger‘s driving experience and comfort.

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