Product Solutions

Carcoustics applies its design and manufacturing expertise to a wide-range of applications and industries. Our innovative solutions can be found wherever there is a need for reliable, effective products for acoustic and thermal insulation. Carcoustics supports its customers every step of the way, from identifying the problem to finding the perfect combination of materials and processes.

Automotive Solutions

Our innovative products are used for vehicle exteriors, interiors, chassis and powertrains in all automotive sectors, from premium brands to price conscious, high-volume manufacturers.

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Commercial Vehicles

Large vehicles need a large drive train. The noise emission follows suit. At the same time, these vehicles are used much more consistently than private cars. All in all, this results in some of the most interesting challanges for the Carcoustic experts.

Protective Solutions

As a manufacturer of customer-oriented individual solutions, we are used to reacting quickly and flexibly to special requirements.

The Corona crisis also presents the world with very special requirements - and Carcoustics is responding.

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