Who do you turn to when you have a particularly tricky problem relating to acoustics, insulation or damping? The experts at Carcoustics, of course. Whether it is a complex component for the automotive industry or a customized solution for an industrial application, Carcoustics  can supply products ready for series production thanks to our many years of experience and the interdisciplinary cooperation of our materials and manufacturing experts.

Quick and Effective Tailor-Made Solutions

The demands on acoustic components for vehicles and appliances continue to grow, while the space available for these components is shrinking and regulations are becoming ever stricter. With over 100 man years of experience and expertise in vehicle acoustics, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and system development, Carcoustics is able to quickly and effectively develop tailor-made solutions to meet even the most challenging of customer requirements. A further strength of Carcoustics in addition to its interdisciplinary approach lies in the fact that solutions are developed for very different industries.

Equipped for success

Our facilities and technical equipment bear witness to our commitment to finding the very best acoustic solutions. State-of-the-art acoustic and multi-physical measuring equipment, sound labs, component testing equipment and an acoustic roller dynamometer are available to help identify the precise sources of noise and measure the effectiveness of acoustic components.

Acoustics and thermodynamics working hand-in-hand

Many acoustic components also have a thermodynamic function. There is always a danger that they will work against each other, so it is important to find the right balance. At Carcoustics, acoustics and thermodynamics specialists work in tandem to achieve optimum results, rather than in sequential processes with many levels of feedback, as is the case so often. This creates useful synergies that can be utilized to maximize effectiveness. Customers who originally only specified an acoustic or thermodynamic application often find they end-up with a part that actually performs both functions.

Available technology:

  • 3 anechoic chambers of different sizes, including one large enough to hold  a car
  • A roller dynamometer for vehicles
  • Artificial heads for psycho-acoustic analyses
  • Imaging processing: laser/acoustic camera/sound velocity mapping
  • An Alpha Cabin for measuring acoustic absorption characteristics
  • Sound insulation measurement
  • STSF (Spatial Transforming of Sound Fields)
  • Multi-channel measurement
  • Acoustic simulation using SEA and FEM