Carcoustics' experts have years of experience in the field of acoustics, damping and insulation in vehicles. Whether it's achieving component specifications or developing customized solutions to the problems:


The know-how built up over decades and the interdisciplinary working method with material experts and technology specialists enable the short-term creation of components suitable for series manufacture.

Quick and Effective Tailor-Made Solutions

The requirements for vehicle acoustics are becoming ever more challenging. At the same time, there is less volume available for the components, and more and more standards have to be met. With well over 100 man-years of experience in the fields of vehicle acoustics, noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) and system development, Carcoustics can solve even the most demanding tasks and problems of customers in the field of acoustics quickly, individually and effectively.

Equipped for success

The spatial and technical equipment demonstrates the high standards that Carcoustics sets for its acoustic solutions. State-of-the-art acoustic and multiphysical measurement technology, sound laboratories, component test stands and an acoustic chassis dynamometer can be used to specifically identify sound sources and assess the effect of acoustically effective components.

Acoustics and thermodynamics working hand-in-hand

Many acoustic components also fulfill thermodynamic functions. Often enough, the two are in conflict with each other - the task is to find the right balance. To make development as efficient as possible, the experts for thermodynamics and acoustics at Carcoustics work in parallel in close coordination with each other. In this way, synergies can be created and utilized. Frequently enough, customers who have only acoustic or thermodynamic requirements in their specifications receive an additional function from the other area.

Available technology:

  • 3 anechoic chambers of different sizes, including one large enough to hold  a car
  • A roller dynamometer for vehicles
  • Artificial heads for psycho-acoustic analyses
  • Imaging processing: laser/acoustic camera/sound velocity mapping
  • An Alpha Cabin for measuring acoustic absorption characteristics
  • Sound insulation measurement
  • STSF (Spatial Transforming of Sound Fields)
  • Multi-channel measurement
  • Acoustic simulation using SEA and FEM