Manufacturing Processes

One of Carcoustics' key strengths is its technological expertise.

Products are manufactured using a wide-range of single or combined processes.


Aluminum components, such as thermal heat shields, airflow components or structural parts, are frequently used in vehicle manufacturing.

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Blow Moulding

When acoustic or thermal components require a particular geometric structure, blow-molded polypropylene is often the best solution.

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Carcoustics uses polyurethane (PUR) and other supplementary materials to develop solutions for a wide range of challenging requirements.

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Die Cutting

Several hundred different materials specially adapted for use in Die Cutting can be used to create thousands of different products and components in short-term.

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Virtually all thermoplastics and thermosets can be formed into the required shape using this technology - for ideal solution to our customers' needs.

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In addition to traditional single-layer components, Carcoustics' range of vacuum-formed products also includes hollow parts and component assemblies.

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