Manufacturing Processes

One of Carcoustics' key strengths is its technological expertise. Products are manufactured using a wide-range of single or combined processes.


Aluforming is used for a wide variety of applications in vehicles.

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Blow Moulding

Carcoustics is currently using blow molding technology for the encapsulation of engines and transmission systems for trucks and buses.

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The engine compartment of a car provides a prime example of the demands placed on materials and formed parts in order to provide insulation that is both intelligent and reduces consumption.

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Die Cutting

With stamped parts, every day counts. The use of products such as foam flake bags as a cost-effective material for insulating acoustic pathways and hollow spaces is a typical application.

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This process means that most thermoplastics and respectively thermosets can be formed into the exact shape required. Carcoustics is not restricted to using any particular materials, so we can always select the best material for the job.

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Speed and efficiency are key to the development of vacuum-formed components that are suitable for series production.

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