Prototyping & Testing

To ensure that no time is lost on the way to a production-ready product, prototype construction and the test laboratory at Carcoustics

work hand in hand.

Functional prototypes can be produced within a few days.

Functional Prototypes

The true value of a component can only be determined when it has proven itself in acoustic and laboratory tests. In order to ensure that this testing can be carried out as quickly as possible, Carcoustics has its own sample and prototype development and testing lab. Functional prototypes can therefore be developed and tested very quickly. But speed does not mean lack of attention. The prototypes are of such high quality that they can be used to accurately simulate the performance of the finished  product.

From Individual Items to Small Batch Production

If required, Carcoustics can produce individual samples of customized components and, depending on the specification and installation space, can produce small batch runsbetween 5 and 2,000 items, or rampit up-to full series production. This means that, depending on the particular component and manufacturing structure, identical components can be made using different materials to reflect the raw materials situation in different international markets.