Wherever they are in the world, all Carcoustics' facilities have access to the materials expertise of our central laboratory. This is where all raw materials and end products are systematically analyzed, examined and tested. The knowledge and data gained from this process is then used for the benefit of future projects. Our portfolio currently includes more than 1,500 materials.

Carcoustics does not produce its own materials, but buys them in from carefully selected suppliers. This has the added advantage that the development teams are not limited to using certain materials, but can be flexible in their choices in order to find the best solution  for specific customer needs. This is based on the expertise that we have built up over many years in processing and combining materials to produce acoustically and thermodynamically effective components, seals and stamped parts.

Our central laboratory is perhaps quite unique in that it provides a central store of expertise that can be drawn on by all our locations worldwide. The existence of a centralized knowledge base means that Carcoustics staff at any facility and in any department can quickly select the right materials and suppliers for their customers.


  • As is the case with most major vehicle manufacturers, Carcoustics maintains a central materials database containing all specifications. It is continuously updated and expanded and made available to every location. In addition, we also maintain a central IMDS (International Material Data System) and a central product database with a complete history of each product, including sample information and details of project phases.
  • Centralized supplier and materials scouting carried out in close cooperation with Central Purchasing for the international markets ensures that the materials meet the company's quality standards and that all relevant information is accessible to all locations.
  • The Central Laboratory identifies, specifies and tests new and modified materials against customer specifications.
  • Specific detailed tests are carried out to analyze materials and finished components, such as climate testing, fire behavior, strength tests and any testing specified by the customer.
  • Specifications and drawings are analyzed for each new contract and adapted where appropriate in collaboration with the customer.
  • If a project is particularly complex, our materials experts work with the project team to come up with new ideas and select materials. This centralized knowledge base can also be accessed for the purposes of ongoing customer care and for training new employees.

Centralized knowledge base and decentralized networking

The centralization of the company's materials knowledge base, combined with open  communication, ensure that project teams in all areas of the business have access to the information they need. Project teams work closely with the specialists in acoustics, thermodynamics, prototype development and testing. This means that Carcoustics' materials experts always have insight into the products and processes involved. Dialogue with customers and partners ensures that the company maintains an in-depth understanding of current needs and product trends.

A few examples of our materials:

  • Foams: PUR, PE/PP, foam rubber, melamine,...
  • Nonwoven coverings: needle, water jet and chemically bonded
  • Fibers: PET, PP, mineral fibers,...
  • Heavy layers: EPDM/EVA, TPE,...
  • Foils: plastic foils, aluminum foils,...
  • Adhesives: acrylic adhesives, reactive thermosetting adhesives 
  • Aluminum: perforated thin-sheet , multi-layer, ...