Electric Vehicles Optimization

With the development of electric vehicles, more and more electronic and electrical components are being used in electric vehicles (EVs), especially in electric driving system, BMS(Battery Management System) and

EPS (Electric Power Steering).

These components generate an electromagnetic field which could interfere with or be interfered with by other devices.


Electromagnetic compatibility refers to a "compatible state", in which each electronic and electrical equipment in the same environment can work properly and does not interfere with each other. Electromagnetic compatibility is mandatory,  no vehicle can be sold without meeting the corresponding testing requirements.
Carcoustics is able to prevent components in a vehicle from interfering with each other by shielding their electromagnetic radiation.  


Every electric vehicle has a high voltage (HV) power battery to store energy for the electric motor. Nowadays there are different types of batteries used in EVs like Lithium-Ion Batteries (Li-ion), Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries (NiMH) and Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4). But no matter which type of battery is used, there is always a common issue: Thermal runaway.
Thermal runaway can occur when the battery experiences an internal short circuit, overheating, or damage to its internal components. This can cause a chain reaction where the heat generated by the battery itself leads to further chemical reactions that produce even more heat. As the temperature rises rapidly, it can cause the release of flammable gases and potentially lead to a violent explosion or fire.

To prevent this from happening, a BMS (Battery Management System) and battery enclosure/casing are used to keep the battery temperature in a reasonable area and to enhance the structural integrity. In case thermal runaway happens and the battery is on fire, an additional battery cover with high flame resistance that surrounds the whole battery pack will maximize the time the fire takes from the battery pack into the interior of the vehicle.


Carcoustics is a competent partner for the development of individual products for electric vehicles, especially in battery and electric engine systems. Both EMC parts as well as battery cover/battery safety are in our focus.
In Carcoustics' laboratories, most of the related battery cover tests like flammability, tensile strength, heat resistance etc. can be done quickly.
With our competence in electromagnetic compatibility and electric vehicles’ special characteristics, we will develop even more innovative parts – together with and according to our customers.