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Carcoustics produces Mouth-Nose-Masks in Austria

  • At the location in Klaus, up to 100,000 masks are produced per week.
  • The automotive supplier produces masks for its own use and offers them for purchase to customers, suppliers and other partners.
  • Carcoustics is therefore independent of external mask suppliers and can ensure the maintenance of its automotive supply chain.

Leverkusen, 11.05.2020

Carcoustics manufactures so-called "community masks" or "quick mouth and nose masks" at its site in Klaus, Austria. The car manufacturer, headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany, is thus responding to the corona crisis:

"The health of our employees is a top priority for us," says Horst Lederer, Business Unit Manager at Carcoustics: "That's why we produce our own masks so that we can supply our employees with them." The company's international locations can be supplied with masks from Austria. 

Within three weeks, the masks were developed in Klaus from the idea to the production stage.

Thanks to its own mask production, the medium-sized company is independent of external mask suppliers. "We are not dependent on being able to purchase masks in sufficient quantities to maintain our production and at the same time protect our employees," says Lederer. This enables the medium-sized company to guarantee its supply chain to customers.

In addition to its own requirements, Carcoustics offers the masks to customers, suppliers and other partners for purchase. The first external orders are already being processed. If you are also interested in the Carcoustics quick mouth and nose masks, please contact

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