As one of the leading specialists in vehicle acoustics, Carcoustics has all industry-typical measurement equipment at its headquarters in Leverkusen. Do you need support with standardized acoustic measurements? Our Innovation & Development Center in Leverkusen provides a wide range of measurements and project-related development as a service. Our acoustics, thermodynamics and measurement technology experts are available to assist you at any time.

Sound absorption measurement

The sound absorption coefficient of materials can be determined in an alpha cabin or impedance tube. The test method in the alpha booth is based on ISO 354:2003, the test method in the impedance tube is based on DIN EN ISO 10534-2:2001-10.

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Sound insulation measurement

The airborne sound insulation of materials can be determined in a window test bench. The test method is based on DIN EN ISO 10140-1 or SAE J1400.

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NVH Chassis Dynanometer

The NVH chassis dynamometer is a combination of a semi anechoic chamber and a vehicle test bench. This enables various vehicle interior and exterior noise measurements under controlled conditions.

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semi anechoic chambers

A semi anechoic chamber is an acoustic laboratory that allows almost no sound reflection due to special walls.

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Material Characterization

For the development of acoustically effective materials and to conduct acoustical simulations, physical samples can be characterized.

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