Injection Molding

The injection molding process makes it possible to create precise geometries that serve as the basis for acoustic spring-mass systems.

In combination with lightweight PUR foams, highly effective acoustic components are created that are used in many areas of the vehicle.

The material used here is a highly filled TPE, with which high surface weights can be achieved due to its density. Thanks to the geometrically very flexible manufacturing options, other functions such as holders, eyelets, clips and reinforcements can be integrated into the component in addition to fulfilling the acoustic function. The weight per unit area, which is important for acoustics, can also be designed variably and can therefore only be used in the necessary areas. This saves material and reduces the overall component weight.



Damping of the inner front wall, wheel arches and transmission tunnels, which have been used in combustion engines for many years, are classic components in this technology. In addition, Carcoustics is also able to acoustically optimize many electric motors and units for electric and hybrid drives with this structure. Examples of this are covers for eATS (electronic drive train) and ekmV encapsulation (electronic refrigerant compressor).